Our Solution

Newrotex’s initial product is a silk conduit for peripheral nerve repair that addresses an unmet need in long-length nerve repairs.

There exists strong preclinical data for silk. Multiple animal trials show that silk fibres from silkworms and spiders exhibit equivalent or superior axonal regeneration compared to autografts, while animal trials show similar results for silk sheaths.

The Oxford
Nerve Conduit

Our silk conduits for peripheral nerve repair through guided nerve growth were designed to drive excellence in the care of peripheral nerve injuries. Our first nerve conduit consists of 2 products: Newrotex silk tubes and Newrotex luminal silk fibres that surgeons can insert inside hollow tube conduits.

Luminal Silk Fibres

Harvested from silk worms or Nephila spiders, our luminal silk fibres are inserted inside porous, tubular biocompatible sheaths. These silk-filled tubes mimic the natural ‘Bands of Büngner’, providing an excellent scaffold for nerve regeneration.

Our proprietary bundling allows the intraluminal distribution of fibres without excessive material for the regenerating nerve to have to break down. This dramatically improves the efficacy when performing long-gap peripheral nerve repairs.

Our luminal silk fibres are available in any length or diameter to match the damaged nerve. They can be used to repair small nerves, such as with oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) and urology, or large nerves as found in cases of trauma, cancer resection, and breast neurotisation. Finally, Newrotex luminal silk fibres are easily combined with existing techniques and regulatory-approved devices expanding its indications for use.

Silk Conduits

Newrotex silk conduits are available in long lengths and large diameters, especially when compared to existing solutions, and have retained excellent handling properties.

The silk conduits are inexpensive and easy to store, package, and deliver, representing a better value proposition compared to autografts, allografts, or the Avance nerve graft.

Benefits of Newrotex Nerve Conduits

There are many benefits to using our filled silk tubes for axon regrowth and peripheral nerve repair, including but not limited to the following:

Completely biodegradable

Capable of large gap repair (according to pre-clinical data)

Reduces surgery times and overall procedure costs

Excellent scaffold for nerve regeneration

Available in any length and diameter to match the damaged nerve

Greatly shortened recovery time reduces socioeconomic burden

Inexpensive and easy to store, package, and delivery

Readily available for use in all hospitals by any surgical speciality

Mitigates unforeseen costs, including from complications with nerve autograft procedures

Trials for Newrotex Silk Biomaterials

There is strong preclinical data for silk applications from studies showing both fibres and conduits made from silk to be effective for peripheral nerve repair. Newrotex has conducted animal trials and is now working towards Human clinical trials.

Read the Trials page for more details on the preclinical data and Newrotex’s clinical trials.

Our Vision

Newrotex aims to improve aspects of surgical nerve repair for all parties involved in the process.


For patients, it means improving outcomes and eliminating the need for harmful autograft procedures.


For surgeons, it means fewer complications by employing repeatable, simple techniques and shorter operating times.

Hospitals & Buyers

For hospitals and national buyers, it means reducing the costs associated with patient morbidity, theatre usage, storage, and supply.

We strive to use our silk technology to help patients suffering nerve injuries due to trauma, cancer surgery, as well as those undergoing breast reconstruction, oral and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS), and urological procedures.

Our long-term outlook includes progressing our silk platform technology, which is already under development for use as organoids for pharmaceutical testing, as a drug delivery system, and in central nervous system (CNS) repair.

Learn more about our products, facilities, and key people on our About Us page.

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