Newrotex have been selected for another prize final from the MedTech Innovator 2023 cohort!

Location: San Francisco, US

The finalists for the “Value Award” are selected by large strategics, entrepreneurs and investors to showcase the companies bringing a great value proposition with their technology. Following the great response from the recent presentation at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) conference, this is further recognition of the value of our silk repair technology and the huge impact it will have on patients lives. Read the full press release here: We’re looking forward to the competition at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit in San Francisco.

Other News

CEO, Alex Woods will be giving an invited talk at the 6th Annual Oxford Surgical Innovation Conference at St Catherine’s College, the University of Oxford

Details and registration can be found here:

Newrotex Founders Dr Alex Woods and Professor Fritz Vollrath were interviewed by Sean Hargrave for Oxford University Innovation in a great piece “Spiders, Surgery and Sustainable Silk” released today.

The article describes some of the incredible uses of silk and the work we’re doing to bring a new standard of treatment for patient’s who have suffered catastrophic nerve injuries. Check out the artic